Tailgate Tuesday

It’s cold, like really cold. Time to break out the warm gear…no reason to sacrifice a cute look.

I might even break this out Halloween night…get in the spirit a little!


Tailgate Tuesday

The BFF and I (with our hubs) are heading to Knoxville this weekend for the game! I cannot wait for some serious tailgating and time with friends. GO VOLS!

Tailgate Tuesday

With colored jeans being all the rage, and my personal fav, this week I’m showcasing them in one of my favorite colors 😉 Again, I try to keep my looks comfortable for all day tailgating yet cute enough to take you from game to after party/dinner/whatever.

Tailgate Tuesday

It’s that time of the year again peeps! Time to break out everything collegiate in your life and show your colors proudly! If your office has casual Fridays or if you’re like me and you pay (donate to charity) in order to wear jeans on Fridays, then that day is the perfect excuse to try out some game day looks. If you’re cheering for ole Rocky Top, then these posts are definitely geared towards you (pun fully intended).

Going a little Tennessee country on this one…love this look! You’ll see me wearing my boots to a lot of games since they’re comfy and I don’t care if some drunk 40 18 year old steps on them. Hey, we’ve all been there. As usual, click the clothing item to be taken to the website where you can purchase!

Time to Dress Tuesday: Flying Somewhere Cold Edition

The hubs and I are traveling to the great white north for the holidays! Yes I will have worn a bikini and down within 7 days. That’s a shock and a half to the nervous system. As we venture north, it’s time to think of what to wear when traveling somewhere cold. My best advice is to wear your “big” items and to pack in layers. Here’s an example of what I’ll be wearing on the plane!

Thermal Top (Great for Layering)

A Warm Down Vest

Skinny Jeans (They go with everything!)

Riding Boots (Comfort and style...and weather friendly)

Over the river and through the woods………..

Turkey Tuesday: Stuff Your Face Edition

Did you catch that? Turkey…not Tuesday. What can I say? I’ve got pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes on the brain. Also, that gross canned cranberry stuff on toast. Yes, I really do like the canned stuff better than homemade. Not a fan of chunky anything.

Now, what to wear over the next couple days??? Here’s a few separate ideas! They’re grandma pinching approved!

Sweater: $43.99

Colored Denim: $40

Wedges: $64.99

Dress: $34.95

Gobble, gobble!